Renew Your Membership

Renew your membership

If you received a notice that your AICW membership is about to expire and you wish to renew it, please: 

1. send an e-transfer to, or;

2. send a payment via Paypal to, or;

3. send a cheque via regular mail to: AICW, 51 Deering Close, Winnipeg, MB, R2K 4K6.

Please note that the system is automated. If your account remains unpaid after the expiry date, it will automatically be suspended and your profile will no longer be visible.

If your account has been suspended but you would like to re-activate it, please send an email to


Membership Type

Voting member – $100 / 1 Year
Voting member – $175 / 2 Years

Associate member – $100 / 1 Year
Associate member – $175 / 2 Years

Student member – $25 / 1 Year
Supporter – $100 / 1 Year

Please ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the type of membership you choose. Review membership types here.